Massage Therapists at Lakeside Massage Studio in Lake Stevens WA

Shannon Crossman is a graduate of Spectrum Center School of Massage located in old downtown Lake Stevens. Having lived in Hawaii for 6 years she became in tune with natural ways of living healthy and taking care of ones body. Seeking out massage as a profession, she couldn't be happier. Shannon is especially known for her deep tissue massage, including Ashiatsu (barefoot massage) but includes and isn't limited to relaxation, sports therapy, clinical treatments, pregnancy massage, hot stone therapy and trigger point techniques to name a few. Her goals are to heal the community one massage at a time. Shannon is a powerful believer of healing the body naturally, the power of touch goes a long way. "I have seen too many cures happen this way to not be one! Prevention before cure!"

Shannon Crossman LMP

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Joanie West LMP

In 2006, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to make a decision as to what I wanted to do with my life. I remember years ago giving people back massages, sometimes up to 2 hours, without breaking a sweat. So when I heard a commercial for Ashmead School of Massage Therapy, I decided to go check it out. I could actually do something I loved AND get paid for it!

Fast forward 44 weeks, 4 days a week, 4 hours a day, (totaling 850 hours) I graduated top honors from Ashmead in August, 2007.

I love that fact that I can make people have a better quality of life through the healing power of touch. I specialize in deep tissue, treatment work and pregnancy massage.

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Jennifer Koch LMP

Jennifer is licensed massage practitioner in Washington state and is NCMTMB certified. Jennifer graduated with honors from Maui Therapeutic Massage School in 2008 on the beautiful Island of Maui. Her specialty training in Lomi Lomi and therapeutic treatments as well as relaxation massage. She is always interested in prevention of illness and promotion of wellness. She is an avid practitioner of yoga and has a love for running with a half marathon completed in 2008 along with completed Hood to Coast Relay in 2010 and 2011, with hopes to complete another half marathon this spring! "I have a great understanding of what an athlete goes through with training, and what they need to prevent injury!"

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Jennifer Koch LMP


Amanda Rairigh LMP I was first drawn towards massage because I wanted to help my brother. He'd suffered from migraines for years and medication wasn't the answer for him. I started learning what techniques helped. From Accupressure points on the face and jaw, to Swedish massage on his neck, the work I did helped him make it through. By the time I graduated from Spectrum School of Massage in Lake Stevens, my brother's migraines had been alleviated and I had dove into the world of treatment massage working in a chiropractic office. Since then, I've continued my studies in intra oral massage to help people suffering from TMJD.

Today, I find myself drawn towards forms of energy work like Reiki and Craniosacral. Muscle tension can be caused by everything from physical demands during the day to emotional stress from our personal lives. I've learned that massage can address all of the above and I'd love to learn more about energy work to help my clients in every way that I can. People hurt in many different forms and not everything can be addressed by digging in an elbow!

My goal with every massage is to create an environment where my clients have space to relax and feel safe. I'd say that my style has a little bit of everything. I incorporate enough treatment work and gradual deep tissue to ease the aches and pains from a long day but I smooth it all out with Swedish techniques and energy work.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your massage goals!

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Sarah Merickel graduated from Spectrum Center School of Massage in 1997 where she learned the basics including swedish massage, clinical massage techniques and pregnancy massage. Her continuing education curriculum vitae includes the muscle specific technique known as Neuromuscular Therapy for low back, hip, wrist, neck, upper back, carpal tunnel, TMJD (jaw pain) and TOS thoracic outlet syndrome. She has also taken Myofascial Release for back pain, British Sports Massage, Orthopedic Cupping and most recently Craniosacral Therapy I at Bastyr U. Not every massage is a miracle but when I can help take away some pain, increase your ability to move a bit more freely or just give you the space to be and relax... that feels like a miracle to me.

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Patti graduated from Spectrum Center School of Massage in downtown Lake Stevens. A caregiver by nature, she grew up in a very large family with the true understanding that touch heals, and that our energy really matters. She chose a career in Massage Therapy after MVA injuries that were not helped by western medicine lead her to try several alternative therapies. She studied Reiki even before attending massage school as a means to protect and ground herself, eventually coming to Reiki Master level. Other continuing education areas of pursuit after becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner have included Pre/Post Natal Certification to ensure the absolute comfort in Pregnancy massage during a womans child bearing years, Structural Relief Therapy (a form of treatment work using positional release techniques) for the Head/Neck, Shoulders/Arm/Hand, also Fibromyalgia Treatment, Aromatherapy, Polarity, Chakra Balancing and Warm Bamboo. She enjoys helping others along there path to wellness through relaxation techniques (with the understanding that the body will not heal itself while in a constant state of "fight or flight from the sympathetic nervous system), and treatment work that may sometimes include quiet work, and positional release techniques instead of deep pressure. Believing that every body is unique in its own way and thusly needs to be treated so; each massage is tailored with the intent to create balance and well being. She believes strongly that the body knows how to heal itself when treated correctly with a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not massaging Patti enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, in the wonderful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.