Insurance, PIP and L&I Accepted

Insurance Accepted Currently

Currently accepted Insurance at Lakeside Massage Studio


-Blue Cross Blue Shield





-First Choice

Please have your medical card ready when you call so we can get your ID# and the phone# to call for billing inquiries. You must also have a doctors referral to receive treatment specific massage.

$30.00 per unit

1 unit = 15 minutes

Please have your Physician, Chiropractor or Naturopath fax a referral to

Fax # 425-320-4091

PIP Claims (Personal Injury Protection)

For PIP Claims (Personal Injury Protection), this is for if you've been in a recent car accident. Most people have PIP on their car insurance. You have a limit on their around 10,000 depending on your policy. This money is for your injuries from the accident for you and whom ever else was in the car with you, at the time of the accident. You can use this for Massage Therapy treatments and we bill your insurance company.

You must have -Doctors referral note for specific injury from accident-Claim # from accident ( claim must still be open)-Copy of your insurance

Please call in advance so we have enough time to confirm all information on claim.

Have your Physician, Chiropractor or Naturopath send a referral to Fax # 425-320-4091

Labor and Industries ( L&I)

Have you been hurt on the job? Our goal is to get you back to work as quickly and pain free as possible. Give us a call for more details. You must have an open claim. We can call and help figure this out for you.