Life Coaching Sessions

Have you heard of a Life Coach recently? Curious about what a life coach does and what kind of services are provided?

Shannon Crossman, Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor has based her life on the many ways that healing is available to us. Massage heals through touch and energy transference, Yoga heals physically and spiritually, Life Coaching is having a positive, forward moving mindset and attitude, to gain the best way of living our lives. Living into our true life's purpose.

Every person comes with a new set of goals, so all coaching is based on the individual. It is not counseling, as counseling digs into the past, coaching is forward moving. Changing the lens we look through, and looking at life differently with a positive approach. It's not always easy to change old patterns, but with a coach holding you accountable, assisting you to see your vision of this life, how your showing up in and making it as enjoyable and purposeful as possible. From the smallest changes, to changing 180 degrees, a coach is in your corner to see that you succeed,  and to help you celebrate victories of being your best self.

Shannon works with all ages, lifestyles, and any situation. She is not here to change you, as every person is already whole and complete. She will offer and compassionately guide you into a different approach, and view of life. diet, finances, addictions, relationship, loss, goals, mindset, Shannon is here to help you shift into a new way of living. it all begins with saying "YES!".

If you are needing a life change, Shannon is a phone call away. 425.293.5155

You can be anywhere in the world... Available for regular phone calls, Skype Calls, or in Studio sessions.

Rates for Coaching:

Level 1 : 30 minutes / Twice a month 100$

Level 2: 50 minutes / Twice a month 150$

Level 3: 30 minutes / Four times per month 175$

Massage with 30 min Coaching:

1 hour massage + 30 min Coaching: $110

90 min massage + 30 min Coaching: $140