Massage Therapy, Frequently Asked Questions...

Will I receive my full one hour of massage?

Yes. We always leave enough time to follow through with questions and answers about how the massage session will go and what problem areas your looking forward to having us focus on throughout the treatment. You will be on the table for the full amount of time. Unless you are late for your appointment, then we will have to end when the session is up.

Will I have to disrobe?

We always want you to feel your most comfortable when on the table. Just so you know, you will always be properly and professionally draped by the sheets. We only uncover the body part we are working on at that time, arm, leg, back etc. Let your therapist know of any uncertainty before you start the session so we can help you feel as comfortable with the treatment as possible.

Will I be sore after my treatment?

It all really depends on how your body responds to the treatment and if we stay in good communication with each other throughout the session. With deep tissue the goal is for the pain to , what I call "hurt so good" but once it passes into that's just too painful, you must let your therapist know so they can let up on the pressure. Their is no reason to cause pain to the muscles because then the opposite affect of what we are trying to attain is reversed. Your muscles end up guarding instead of relaxing. People sometimes come into a session thinking "no pain no gain" this is not the mentality we promote here at Lakeside. You may become sore for several days after the massage, but as long as we stayed in the "hurt so good" category it is probably the deep tissue work your muscles needed. Drink plenty of water and don't be afraid to use ice or heat. Another session is usually recommended to follow through with the work we started, it's your body's way of telling you these muscles need to be worked out.

What kind of massage should I get?

This is why you should arrive 5-10 minutes early for any massage appointment. So you can sit with the therapist and map out a wellness plan for what exactly it is your looking for and what the therapist recommends for you. Most of our massages here are a one hour swedish / relaxation, deep tissue work where needed, and then we focus on the specific areas that cause you pain. Other modalities of massage are more specific, like if your looking for a hot stone massage, sports, pregnancy etc. We will find a massage that works specifically to fit your needs.

Can I talk during a massage?

If you feel the need to talk throughout your massage, feel free. Some people relax this way. I will not talk during a massage as this is your time to let your mind be free and find deep relaxation within yourself. If we are doing any kind of deeper treatment work I will periodically check in to make sure pressure is OK etc. Some people say nothing during one massage and then cant stop talking the next time they come in! I myself have done this too, so really it's whatever your feeling that day. But I will say the best massages I've ever had are when I can find that Zen state of mind...pure bliss.

Am I supposed to tip?

If you would like to leave your therapist a gratuity for the wonderful job they did on your massage, and being in tune with your goals for the session I'm sure it will be graciously accepted. We have many clients that always tip and many who do not. Either way we will still give you the best treatment and sincere service. We have priced our massages so the community is able to afford this wonderful step towards a healthy way of life.

I am so ticklish, can I still receive massage?

This is a very common FAQ with Massage Therapy. You would be so surprised at how relaxed you are when you get on the table, I swear you forget your ticklish! Their are some things we can do to keep you from feeling like your getting tickled and that is apply slightly deeper pressure, which most people welcome anyways!

Am I supposed to drink a lot of water?

It's always a good idea to drink a lot of water, especially the day before a treatment. You might want to go easy right before the treatment itself...the last thing you want is to have to "go" when your right in the middle of your massage! After wards, yes drink plenty of hydrating fluids to help flush out all the toxins and waste we have just released from your muscles.

Do you accept Insurance?

Yes. A very popular FAQ here in Washington State! We are currently accepting insurance from-Aetna-Corvel-Cingna-Premera

We also accept and PIP claims (Personal Injury Protection) if you've been in a car accident most people have PIP on their insurance and can receive several treatments of massage if referred by a doctor.

Also we accept L&I, if you've been injured on the job our goal is to get back on the job and to be as pain free as quick as possible.

Please call us ahead of time for these types of appointments, we usually have to make several phone calls to confirm the details with doctors, insurance company's etc.